Kronbergs Čukste LEVIN successfully represented AS Pasažieru vilciens in procurement of new electric passenger trains

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Partner Vineta Čukste-Jurjeva and Senior Associates Madara Smalkā and Normunds Orols successfully represented AS Pasažieru vilciens in the lengthy and complicated procurement of 32 new electric passenger trains and conclusion of a train delivery agreement with Škoda Vagonka for more than 242 million euros, including representation in a number of Latvian Procurement Supervision Bureau hearings and the administrative court. With the help of the new trains, Pasažieru vilciens intends to increase its capacity by boosting passenger traffic from the current level of 18 million passengers up to 25 million passengers. Each vehicle will have a seating capacity for carrying at least 400 passengers. The new trains will be able to operate at speeds of up to 160 kilometres per hour. For comparison, currently AS Pasažieru vilciens has 26 electric passenger trains with a total of 10 000 seats, which were produced back in 1960s-1990s. More information:
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