Statement regarding corporative changes

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Latvian law recently required all sworn in advocate offices registered in Latvia to change their legal forms. As of October 1, 2021, our law firm is organized as a limited liability company and known as ZAB Kronbergs Čukste Levin SIA, having registration number 40203350456.

In practical terms, ZAB Kronbergs Čukste Levin SIA is comprised of exactly the same team of lawyers serving you as before, who are delighted to continue to provide services to you on an ongoing basis.

Your existing agreement for legal services has been legally transferred to the new legal entity ZAB Kronbergs Čukste Levin SIA, containing the original terms set out therein, and from a Latvian legal perspective you are not required to sign a new agreement for legal services in order for this transition to be effective.
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